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Created by Kenny with spare parts, this robot girl resembles Shortstop, with the triangle shaped eyes and the striped shirt, the only difference is everything is pink.

She's pretty happy. Like, all the time. She's never met Shortstop, but feels like she remembers the name somehow. (Probably because she was built from his parts...)
Abyss - Colossal Leviathan Fusion
Weekly draw I did in the Discord server "Borkbusters".

This weekly draw was "Character Fusions"
Palette Swap Kemisto
Weekly draw I did in the Discord server "Borkbusters".

This weekly draw was "Palette Swaps"
'bout time.

Not good tho b/c MS Paint LLoooLL


NevaraTalos's Profile Picture
I have too many OCs
United States
Creator of Cancer Police, I've arrested myself as well, as I am complete, and utter cringe balled up into an edgy teen with quality memes as my comfort.

Jiggle McWiggleTiggle returns soon.

Single, will probably not be interested ever.

I have nicknames I guess: Nev, Dante, 77, Fred, Fudi, Mr. Man, NevadaTacos, Dan, Tanner.

Skype: dante87452 (currently named "Dark Meta Knight")

Inspirations: :iconendlesslmagination: :iconpupom: :iconsleepykinq:

Friends: :iconshinysmeargle: :iconendlesslmagination: :iconxdtheservine: :iconthesansationaleevee: :iconbee-jeans: :iconemyka: :iconphonestein: :icongoldstarproduction: :iconsatanic-orcaism: :iconcar-jpg: :iconx-flowey9009101: :iconpopcandysugarpop: :iconcandypurplecat: :icongodzilla2003: :iconnemmanoos: :iconbluminescent: :iconqueer-popplio: :iconcaitgirl02:

Fandoms I'm in:
Red VS Blue
Super Mario (Barely)

Open Species:
Shadow Demons

Victims of Cancer Police:
"I wasn't saying you were stupid, I was saying you were acting like you're stupid.
And thanks, I know I should go to the doctor to see if I have any mental problems. I was planning on to.
And when I answered your question, trying to be kind, you just flat out started to be rude. Is that really mature? I didn't think so. If you want to be immature, go ahead. Nobody's stopping you. But people will learn not to trust you very much for those actions."
A more serious journal now.

Even tho no one is really interested, I wanna do this b/c I just feel like it.

Mimics: Shadow Demons with the ability to impersonate almost anything, even robots. However, even in their mimicked form, they are easily recognized, as they still have the same color scheme as they're true forms.

Example of Mimics: Shadownet, Shadow Megavolt, Shadow Can-Del, Dark Megavolt, Dark Overlord, Dark Natsu, Dark Nexus, Dark Exin, Dark Gearnet, Dark Gigavolt, Dark Kingnet, Dark Megavolt, Venom, Dark Daniel, Syrus, Shadow Seekers, Dark Matter Destroyer.
Knights: Shadow Demons that will serve any higher-up and protect any other Shadow Demon that they see as important. Not all of them are top tier, but the ones that are are highly respected.

Examples of Knights: Knightmare, Crawler, AntiMatter, Dark Matter, Dark Chaos, Shadow Angel.
Berserkers: Shadow Demons with extreme strength. These Demons are the deadliest and most well known. They are usually bulky and large, and can live even after a vital part of them is destroyed.

Examples of Berserkers: Grindor, Endgame, Screecher, Reaper, Doogon, Raydoon.
Torches: Shadow Demons that aren't very skilled in combat, but provide a source of light or fire power. They're mostly used as projectiles when in battle, but don't fight themselves.

Examples of Torches: Pip, Pop, Shaff.
Dream Catchers: Shadow Demons with the ability to give off the illusion that you're having a dream of some kind. As you're in this illusion, you will not be aware of your surrounding. The Dream Catchers will then chew away at you slowly. If your dream consists of visuals, they will fade, and you will see nothing but pitch black as you're being consumed.

Examples of Dream Catchers: Dream Catchers, Great Dream Catchers, Ultimate Dream Catcher.
Nightmares: Shadow Demons with the ability to give off the illusion that you're having a Nightmare of some kind. The description is similar to the Dream Catchers, only the Nightmares will eat you while the visuals in your Nightmare stay, causing you to, albeit not physically, watch yourself be eaten.

Examples of Nightmares: Nightmares, Ultimate Nightmare.
Possessors: Although every Shadow Demon can possess something, these types of Shadow Demons are masters at it. Taking full control of what they possess. 

Examples of Possessors: Vantablack, Stalker, Zero, Neo, Tow, Reeth, Nosferatu, Spike, Kemisto, Crown of Despair, Crown of Power.
Lords: Shadow Demons of the highest rank. They are practically the Gods of Shadow Demons, however, it is not a belief, it is a leadership.

Examples of Lords: Raikoodo, Ziana, Colossus, Enigma.
Amalgamates: Shadow Demons that have no special attributes, other than being absolutely terrifying and disturbing. Their power depends on what they were created for. Whether it be absorbing everything it touches, or stalking one until they eventually kill them without warning.

Examples of Amalgamates: Brithka.



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